We asked some good friends of ours to review On The Wall and help us with this list of questions. We thought it would be useful for you, but please contact us if you have anymore questions


How many sneakers fit to a board?

4 is sensible
Do they fix onto any type of wall?

Mostly, not tent walls, or tyre walls. You must use the right kind of fixing, and we recommend a electric hammer drill. Not a hand drill that your grandad has. But if grandad or nanna wants to help you install it - score
What components are included?

Each individual board pack contains:-
1 x On The Wall board, 2 x short pegs, 2 long pegs, and 1 shelf

What screw fixings should be used?

Included in the pack are black steel screw fixings we think look good and work well on standard masonry or brick wall – but you may have to change your fixing depending on your wall construction.
What size are the panels?

580mm (23.6 inches) square x 18mm thick – Birch Plywood
580mm (23.6 inches) square x 20mm thick – Black and Grey Valchromat
Is there a discount for the purchase of multiple boards?

Get a discount with our four panel set, available below: https://www.onthewallhype.com/collections/accessories/products/four-board-set

How heavy is each one?

A single panel pack including accessories weights XXX kg
How sturdy is On The Wall?

We’ve chosen high density fibre board for the black and grey models, and birch ply is used as a structural material. They are design to display dunks, not used to practice dunks on.
Is it just for trainers?

Its also for firefighters, lawyers, footballers, and shopkeepers. On The Wall is great for curating collections around your sneakers – see our Instagram for ideas.
What colours can you get? 

Any colour you like as long as its black, grey or birch ply. We are working other designs but we think neutral colours provide the perfect backdrop to your sneakers
Can I add to my collection at anytime?

Yes (but mostly around payday). For multiple boards it is intended that only one of the boards as the 'On The Wall' logo. We will know if you've already ordered from us so will automatically assume that you don't want another logo'ed board. 
What’s the lead time of an order? 

10-14 days
Is the material scratchproof? 

The material will withstand a certain amount of normal wear and tear – it won’t scratch if you tickle the surface but it will if you use a knife. Please check out our care guidelines to make sure your On The Wall stays looking good.
Do you do a design service to help me design my wall?

Sure - Lets have a chat – depending how big and how many, we may be able to help you over the phone (or Zoom).
Do all sizes of sneakers fit onto a peg board? 

Whether you have canoes or doll feet our boards can work for your sneakers (up to a size 13 if you want specifics, but if you need anything bigger, we will say lucky you and ask you to give us a call to discuss your requirements)
What’s the spacing between each hole? 

About a 100mm… why?
Is the board matt or gloss finish? 

It’s got a polished until its semi-matt (or a semi-gloss) smooth finish depending on which way you look at it
Can I choose different coloured shelves to the pegboard?

Yes - you have the option to choose the colour shelves. We can discuss particular colours if you want to match a particular colour, or tie in with an existing colour scheme but this will be at an additional cost