About On The Wall

Scott Stewart is an avid sneaker collector.

Of the sneakers he had he only wore about 10 pairs regularly. The rest were stored neatly stacked still boxed, out-of-sight, but not out of mind. Scott's day-to-day job as design director of Design North saw the need for a flexible display system for display work in progress, and other bits and bobs - the sources of inspiration that creatives tend to accumulate. Whilst watching Michael Jordan's The Last Dance’ he had his eureka moment. A display system for sneakers inspired by a simple peg and hole - the pegboard, or the sneaker board. After months of product development, investigating materials, colour, design, format, and working with other sneaker heads, On The Wall was created. It is a pegboard system designed to get your sneakers out of the box, and On The Wall.

Something that looks good, works with your interior design but also makes your sneakers stand out.

Scott is still thinking of add-ons, material changes and other sneaker boards to add to the collection. We would love to hear your thoughts, and ideas, and best of all show us your sneakers On The Wall. Follow us at @onthewallhype


The Sneakerboards

We have three boards as our core product. On The Wall is a decorative vertical display panel and not intended as a structural component or part of a wall structure.  Due to the unique nature of the material some surface change is to be expected with time, humidity, and the natural ultraviolet light from the sun. The finishes that are shown on the website are indicative only and are no way an exact replica of the supplied item.

Its advised to keep them away from sources of heat and high levels of humidity ( we would not recommend installing On The Wall in bathrooms, swimming pools or saunas for example).

Surface marks should be removed with a damp cloth immediately and then wiped dry after.

It is advisable to keep out of direct sunlight to reduce the risks of your sneaks fading. The UV lacquer will slow changes in the surface of the material (fading/darkening) but will  not stop changes over the long term.

We have pre-drilled the mounting points for you to choose the best fixing for your wall type. We have supplied screws and spares are available upon request. If you are in doubt, please contact a local professional to advise on fitting.


Grey and Black

Manufactured from Valchromat® a panel made from wood fibres coloured in the production process The fibres are impregnated with organic colouring agents and chemically bound to one another in a special resin. The wood is sourced from sustainable managed forests. We chose this product because of its quality and ease of sculpting as well as its aesthetic. For more information on the panel product visit www.investwood,pt


Birch Ply

Birch ply is well-known for its use in furniture and interiors, for its beauty, strength and durability.  Birch ply provides a beautiful neutral background which will complement most modern and contemporary interiors.  We have selected B/BB grade Russian Birch Plywood, and all the timber products are FSC sourced with full traceability. A clear UV protective lacquer delays the panel from yellowing in direct sunlight (yellowing is a natural process of ageing of a natural material).



A shelf made from same material/colour as the baseboard are supplied in each pack, although you can mix and match. Two pairs of short and long Pegs made from solid oak are also included. The pegs are designed to be a tight fit and will relax with natural use over time.



Out the box

On the Wall

Made in the Toon